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First off Im not an expert on how utorrent works or even writing code.

as we all know one can only have so many torrents seeding at one time. one thing to help to be able to manage a large amount of files without over loading the users net would be to create a code that would allow a user on a web site to request a reseed. This would send a specific request to the user who has chosen this option to work on their client (maybe like clicking a box as an option). When the request would be sent out it tells the specific client to restart seeding the file.

I would assume that even though we wouldnt consider a specific file seeded it does need to communicate with the tracker at some point? Perhaps not? So imagine the site that host the tracker would have a box to click "awaken reseed" which would then send a message to those that have registered themselves as an available reseed by clicking that box it could send out the request to the last know ip of that user. This in turn would restart seeding the file.

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