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Cant Download most torrents.


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Never had any problems with Utorrent before, used it for about 18 months and its always been great. However this past week it's really hard to connect to torrents. I'll frequently have torrents stay at 0% for days, despite having 100's of seeds and peers.

First of all, i fixed this by resetting utorrent, upon reloading it seemed to kick the downloads off, but now that no longer works.

My current Torrents look like such.

a 2gig file from Pretome. (0% for 2 days)

a 756 meg from pretome (0% for 1 day)

a 756 meg file from XWT (0% for 1 day)

a 2.2 gig file from XWT (7% for 1day)

a 6 gig file from Pretome (33% for 3 hours)

Normally by now these would be down, I come down at about 2.2 MBp/s. I've changed no settings, but did update to the new 1.8.4 and before that 1.8.3 (I only updated from 1.8.2 this week)

I rea around and decided to check my speed on the open office torrent. That is also not coming down and has been at 0% for 2 hours now.

Any ideas what the issue is? please help!


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Read those links in the post you posted, however it's not really helping me.

I know virgin started shaping traffic, I read that a while back. But how come It was fine until i updated to 1.8.2?

Why am i downloading multiple files from the same sites, and some stay at 0% but the much larger files come flying down at full speed?

If they were shaping, surely I'd see some sort ofblanket shaping that would prevent either every torrent from downloading, or limiting them all to slow speeds. I also have family in the area using the same ISP, with Utorrent, and they aren't being slowed at all.

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The shaping/throttling/disrupting is hit-or-miss. Also, they may not be totally blocking (or trying to), especially for ips on the SAME ISP!

Your software firewall/s may be acting up too...crippling uTorrent's performance by randomly blocking some/most incoming connections and behaving sporadically with outgoing connections. :(

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Ok i fixed it.

Can i recommend that if anyone else has the troubles i just explained, that they roll back to version 1.8.1

I've got the exact same settings i've always had, but with 1.8.2 or higher the thing craps out. On 1.8.1 I'm currently getting everything at my full speed. Woo Hooo.

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Did you not read my posts then?

After I upgraded to the latest version, i had nothing. No downloads. No speed. No connection or anything except to ONE file.

I downgraded, and instantly my other 8 files came down at full speed after 3 days without even so much as 1k.

Note: i said if other people had my problems exactly. I'm not saying downgrading is a good way of fixing every issue. But hey, if someone updates to 1.8.2 or above and suddenly cant do anything or fix anything, and they follow every single guide on this forum like i did. Then its better they downgrade and have it working and be happy with Utorrent, and dont just think "fuck this, i'll get something different or just not bother with torrents now"

I never stated it will fix protocol errors or errors with firewall exceptions, or even NAT errors.

But all i know is, i had 1.8.3. it did not work. I have 1.8.1. with the EXACT SAME SETTINGS, everything that I can change is exactly the same, and now it works. So obviously something in the coding doesn't like my setup in the later version. Downgrading fixed it for me, it may work for someone else.

So ummm, yeah, it solved my problem. It may help others who have the same issues, since none of the other advice did, and I see no harm in suggesting it if nothing else is working.

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