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How to make the Status to change from "Queued Seed" to "Seed"?


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Change uTorrent's settings to allow them to seed...

Stop other torrents which don't NEED to be seeded at this time.

There is an upper limit for how many torrents can be effectively seeded at once -- which is limited by your max sustainable UPLOAD speed. For 3 megabit/sec upload, that should be about 300 KiloBYTE/sec usable upload speed in uTorrent...so maybe 30 actively uploading torrents with 1-3 upload slots each.

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> One of two my torrents with High "Bandwidth Allocation" has "Queued Seed" Status most of the

> time. How to make the Status to change to "Seed" in uTorrent 1.8.3? My Up- and Down-load

> speeds are 3mbit/s.


Could have been, that you limit the maximum number of active torrents in uTorrent to just one active torrent. Check it and increase, if that's the case.

uTorrent Preferences > Queuing > Queue Settings > Maximum number of active torrents (upload and dowload).


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