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Using BitTorrent for downloading files, I experience drastically fluctuating download speeds. Over a month period, I find the speeds desperately slow (between 2-6 kbps overall), even though the available connection speed is much higher (about 80-120 kbps).

At times during the month, I do achieve faster speeds - the overall highest being around 300 kbps.

Can you explain why I, at times, get very fast speeds and the rest get painfully slow speeds?

Is this to do with my service provider (Movistar in Spain), or is it to do with the way I use, or to do with the way the program is set up?

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Time-of-day/congestion based BitTorrent throttling, random congestion, bad lines/signal noise, all kinds of reasons for variation!

Your uTorrent and network settings can make the resulting speeds lower. :(

1st (slow speed section) and 2nd links in my signature.

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