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Why is the tracker pane only showing one tracker?


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I've got about 6 trackers, some also with UDP. I've got two torrents running, and both of them are only showing one tracker in the active pane.

To be clear, it is NOT listing the other trackers as inactive or otherwise; it is simply not listing them at all.

I have double checked the torrent properties and the trackers are listed there.

I seem to remember older versions listing the status of all trackers, but I haven't used this client in a while.

Does it only list trackers that are actually sending me peers?

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Ok, I looked over that and now I remember doing it that way in the past. I also looked over the general multi-tracker specifications, but I have another question based on that.

Since it states that uTorrent has full spec implementation, is it going to cost me performance in some way since I just lumped all the URL's together with no blank lines?

I'll remember to separate them out next time, but the technical stuff is a bit much to digest, so I'm unclear as to the disadvantage of having all URL's on a single tier.

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