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Merge two different versions of uT


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Hi All,

I apologize in advance if this should be obvious, I searched through past threads and the FAQ, and it doesn't solve my problem. I was installing a new SATA3 drive that we were assured would work simultaneously with our original SATA1 drive. After about 2 weeks of messing with it, we finally got it to work.

While waiting for the old drive to come back online, I was downloading onto the new drive with a newly downloaded version of uT. My plan had been when we had both drives working was to open uT up on the old drive where I have 900 seeds, have that be my main database for uT, and just add in by hand whatever I downloaded in those two weeks. Well, wound up with 90 downloads for reasons I shan't go into so as to not go into them. :)

So now it seems like it's going to be a huge job no matter how I go, so I was hoping first of all that 1) When I open uT from my old drive, it opens the new downloads, not the old ones; and 2) in the faq it has a method to use the .torrent files to merge them using a script they provide. If I'm understanding it right, which I well may not as this is all new to me (advanced things like trying to merge two different uT databases), I have to have all of my old .torrent files to do it the way they recommend. I don't have these as I was running out of room on c: and barely limping along, so I was deleting the torrent files to save space as I couldn't see what I'd ever need them for....sigh, now I guess I know.

If anyone knows of a method to simply merge two different sets of uT databases I'd be very grateful, or how to rapidly restore my old database with the huge amount of seeds. BTW, I'm using ut 1.83 on both databases, Win XP. Also, if anyone knows how to force my old database to be the one that opens when I launch uT from my old drive, I'd also be really grateful.

Thanks, have always loved uT, fantastic product. Hopefully it has something like this built into it that will automate a daunting task?

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BEncode Editor's test build allows merging of bencoded files (which is what µTorrent's resume.dat file is). Read all the warnings in the first post of that thread, and understand it. If you're not understanding, don't proceed, and ask us instead.

Afterwards, get BEncode Editor v0.7.0.0 WIP 2 and try the merge functionality to merge one resume.dat with another. Be sure to keep backups of any files you edit. To merge the resume.dat files, open one of them, click on the [ ROOT ] item, use Item > Merge With..., and select the other resume.dat. Aftwards, use Item > Sort Keys (while [ ROOT ] is still selected), and make sure you remove the .fileguard keys. Save, and open µTorrent.

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Hi Dread,

Thanks for getting back to me, and with such a useful piece of information, since I've been kicking myself for a day for deleting the .torrent files.

The previous rev for uT on my old drive (with the 900 seeds) was: I bit the bullet and manually reset the 90 seeds on the new drive, but that experience showed me exactly how painful that would be to do that for 1000 seeds..... :(

Also, any ideas on why when i launch uT from the old drive, it brings up the 90 seeds on the new drive? They're two separate drives, and so two separate databases, I would assume?

Thanks in advance for any ideas, after messing with the two drives for two weeks, I never thought it would be a problem to just open up uT and have it be ready to go...I won't be deleting those .torrent files in the future...C

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if this double posts I apologize, my first post didn't seem to go through and froze in the middle of loading.

First of all I wanted to apologize for taking so long to reply, I ended up in the hospital for a week! No internet access but I figure I probably wouldn't be up for a uT data merge in the hospital anyhow...

I want to thank you Ultima for such a detailed explanation. I'm sure with such a thorough explanation, and the problem being a known one with a solution, I'll be able to figure that one out.

And Dread, thanks again, that makes it totally easy to understand, and save me the trouble of barking up the wrong tree.

Between both of you, it's a great help to remember there's people volunteering their time and talents to create a program I find so invaluable I've been freaking for two weeks without it. And a good reminder to donate to, no free lunch in this world, so thanks to both of you! C

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