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Not connecting to peers only seed :(


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I find it strange that utorrent connects to seeds only. Peers if any are few.

From what I have seen is if the torrent has a seed/peer ratio of 0.5 = 100seeds,200peers

I'll have 20-25 seeds and 5-10 peers. The seed peer ratio is always higher mostly about 10 in utorrent. Why is that?

When the torrent has a seed peer ratio of less than .3-.4 utorrent seems to connect to more peers but still there are more seeds connected.

I usually have global max connection at 30

Max/torrent at 30

active torrent 1

To get connected to more peers I go to the files tab and select don't download for all files. Once all pending pieces are completed the seeds are disconnected and then the peers start to increase slowly. If I start downloading again. The no of peers start dropping gradually.

Why does utorrent connect to so many seeds and is there anyway i can make it connect to more peers?

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