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Speed problems with Windows 7


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Hi guys im new to the forms been using utorrent for ages anyway..

used to be on vista ultimate and everything was fine, getting consisitantly good speeds of around 2.0mbps - 2.2mbps (20mbit connection)

Yesterday i installed windows 7, and now im getting weird speed issues im currently downloading a well seeded torrent (15mbps) and the speed is going from 100kbps up to about 2mbps going up and down wont stay still and then after an hour or so goes down to less than 10kbps where it will stay until i restart utorrent

Utorrent V1.8.2, port is open on my router, there is an exception in my firewall.

I downloaded this torrent a couple of days ago and it went all the way at 2mbps (redownloading as forgot to back it up lol)

Can someone help me out please?

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