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New to uTorrent Need Help Downloading 4 Peices


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Hi, I'm new to using torrents and seeing as how a lot of folks I know use uTorrent I thought I would give it a shot.

I've recently downloaded an application that was just over 9GB is size (online game nothing illegal) and I see in the Logger where the following pieces failed:

[2009-08-30 21:44:55] *** AionFullInstaller_1.5.0.1.zip: PIECE 783 FAILED HASH CHECK

[2009-08-31 01:24:38] *** AionFullInstaller_1.5.0.1.zip: PIECE 3754 FAILED HASH CHECK

[2009-08-31 01:32:35] *** AionFullInstaller_1.5.0.1.zip: PIECE 995 FAILED HASH CHECK

[2009-09-01 01:06:06] *** AionFullInstaller_1.5.0.1.zip: PIECE 1934 FAILED HASH CHECK

Is there a way to download just the failed pieces instead of downloading the entire 9GB file again?

Thanks in advance. And if there is a more appropriate area of the forum to ask this question please just direct me to it.

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