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Large Number Of Seeders, But Most Files Won't Download


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I've been through that twice...

I tried everything... BitTorrent worked fine for me till two weeks ago.

I'm thinking the software is bad. I even removed it from my computer and tried downloading it again. The software is bad I guess. Can you please recommend another torrent software that will work?

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never mind.... it's the trackers...

hundreds of meaningless worthless no good trackers...

ever since TPB trackers went down, and all others followed, the seeds only returned to not seed.

I did find a few trackers that do work, but until billions of people update their trackers, I'm not going to get shit from this software.

However, I did accept the new BitTorrent Update when all the trackers went down, so now it could be software related.

btw, I've always used BitTorrent, and it always worked. It should work when I turn it on. If it doesn't, I check my connection, and if that's good, I check speed and so on. The software is malfunctioning giving wrong data as far as I can see. The green circle changes to yellow and red and back to green, all day every day.... The test link for testing my port says my port doesn't work! Yet my port is open. IDK.... but everyone posting in this forum appears to have the same problem.

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A rule? What is a rule?

My BitTorrent says nothing about a rules. How do I add them and remove them?

I did try removing my firewall, nothing helps... I gave BitTorrent an exception in my firewall, that should have worked. If this new update of BitTorrent has a bug in it, just fix it and offer a new update.

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