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3kB/s average speed?


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This is getting really aggravating... I spent like 2 days learning how to forward a port for uTorrent in my router because i though this was the problem. I then removed my AVG pro and installed AVG free edition because it doesn't bring a firewall. I created the rule in windows firewall to accept uTorrents ports, TCP & UDP. I'm positive my settings in the Speed Guide are correct.


Affected settings

Upload limit: 9.0kB/s Upload slots: 3

Connections (per-torrent): 55 Connections (global): 80

Max active torrents: 1 Max active downloads: 1

Port is forwarded properly.

My connection is of about 200kpbs. i tested it and down was 186kbps Up 135kbps... I know, its so pitiful :'(. But i should get more than 3kB/s in a torrent like Openoffice right?.

So why can't i get speeds above 3kB/s?. Last night i downloaded a file of 98MBs @ 20kB/s+ lowest speed was 19kB/s. After that finished downloading i haven't been able to get any speeds above 10kB/s (after it gets to 10 it goes down to 1kB/s in about 3 seconds.)

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Try what I recommended here: ("mild settings")


For an example of more extreme "stealth" settings in uTorrent: (long-winded explanation of ISP throttling)


NOTE: Those settings probably won't really work for you, they were a special case for a wireless ISP!

...But I do a better job explaining what and why those settings are chosen.

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I've tried the settings you posted, didn't help :(.

I really don't understand the second link, you say they might not work for me, so how much of a chance do i have of them working? I'm busy and don't want to waste a lot of time reading and editing settings if there not gonna work, or if a have a really low chance of them even doing anything to improve my speed.

Basically... I need a new ISP because mines fails epically..

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Do you know of a way i can find out without calling them?. I'm in Dominican Republic, my spanish is horrible when it comes to talking about this sort of stuff. There's a lot of words in English that i can't find the translation in spanish and when talking to my ISP i like to be on the same page with the person on the other side.. Communication is the key to everything ^^

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Well, i took this test, to see if my ISP is throttling, but it came back negative.. it said they're not.. strange.. The test i took seems reliable, because i told my brother to take it (he's in new york) and his ISP is throttling (he took it twice with same results, i took it twice, too.)

So if my ISP is not throttling my speed in p2p.. Let me check my settings once more...

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