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update to version 1.8.3 suddenly no seeds, barely any peers, and SLOW


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Hi, I'm a newb, comfortable with computers but not up on file sharing or network jargon. I'm a light user and utorrent has worked well for me for a couple years- but a few days ago started a big download - Today it was 92% complete and a message offered to update utorrent to the latest version, I accepted, it only took a moment to update - and things suddenly aren't working well. I'm getting zero seeds, only a few peers, and very low speeds.

Restarting utorrent and rebooting pc did not help. Resetting all of Norton 360s firewall rules to default, and suspending N360 completely, aren't helping. The green circle sometimes becomes a yellow triangle but that never mattered before. The port checker says its not forwarded right, but that never mattered in the years before, only as soon as the new 1.8.3 uT took over. DL speeds are incredibly low: 0.2 kbps, to maybe 3 kbps. My speed is set to 512k, matches ISP.

I was getting 15 to 30 kbps on my main download but now its about 1 kbps… help! No seeds at all for about 25 different downloads, barely any peers. I looked through all sorts of FAQs and troubleshooting but most of it is nonsense to me. Any help that doesn't require 5 years of homework appreciated!

** update I finally got a few seeds on my main DL but the other 24 still have none, (possibly cuz I searched for the file again and clicked the Vuze link next to it?) … but its still under 2 kbps…

PC: Dell Dimension 9200 desktop (Canada; same as Dimension XPS 400 in US)

Windows Vista Premium 32 bit

Security Norton 360 v2

Router Linksys wrt54GL

Modem: webstar cable modem

ISP Rogers high speed cable internet (ultralite, half a meg)

DL test 466 kbps, UL 122

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