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Help Request: How To Super Seed?


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Read uT Help file (F1):

Initial Seeding (Super Seeding)

A method of seeding that attempts to decrease the bandwidth load for the initial seeder. With normal seeding methods, the initial seeder typically has to upload 150% to 200%, or even more, of the original data in before a full copy of the data has been distributed into the swarm. With initial seeding, the initial seed attempts to get the rarest pieces out instead of uploading identical pieces repeatedly, often lowering the initial upload requirement to 105%. Initial seeding does not necessarily improve upload speeds or decrease seeding time. It should be used only if you are the sole seeder on the swarm, and if there are at least 2 peers connected. Generally, initial seeding should not be used by people with high upload speeds.

Go to Torrent job's Properties to enable super seeding.

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