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"Don't Download" Option Greyed out


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The "Don't Download" option becomes unavailable.

I think I first noticed this in version 1.8.3. It remains in version 1.8.4.

This seems to randomly occur. Once it happens, it does not seem to reverse itself.

Normally, if you go to the "Files" tab in the lower window, and right-click on a file, you can select "Don't Download", below the Priority options. Now, on some torrents, it becomes greyed out.

When I first saw this, I thought maybe it was a new "Feature" of torrents.

I have tried deleting the torrent and redownloading the .torrent file, setting the same download location, so I don't have to redownload from scratch. The "Don't Download" option remains greyed out.

When this occurs, not all torrents act this way.

Given that this appears to be random, I cannot provide details on how to reproduce the problem.

Is there any other information that may be useful?


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moogly writes:

> Is there systematic with a specific torrent? Or does it occur randomly for the same torrent job?

Once "Don't Download" is greyed out for a specific torrent, to stays greyed out. It occurs randomly, but it does not un-occur.

I have seen it happen with several different .torrent files.

I have tried the following:

1. "Remove and Delete .torrent" (but not data)

2. Redownload .torrent file, and save data to same location

The "Don't Download" remains greyed out.

Possibly related behavior (or possibly a separate bug): I observed the following on the most recent torrent to exhibit the no "Don't Download" option behavior.

* uTorrent showed that three files in the torrent had been completely downloaded.

* Two of the three files did not exist on the disk.

* The third was too small by a factor of 100 (3.5 MB instead of 350 MB).

* There was a uTorrentPartFile in the directory larger than 1 GB. I suspect this held the downloaded data.

* The files were not prioritized as "skip"

This behavior may or may not be related.

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As far as I know, the status of the files/data actually physically on disk do not affect the Files tab's context menu. The only thing that affects the "Don't Download" menu item is bt.compact_allocation. Specifically, if bt.compact_allocation is enabled, "Don't Download" may not be usable. Not sure what's up with your situation though.

If you don't mind, can you provide us with a copy of your settings.dat and resume.dat files, and the affected .torrent file? Remove all other torrent jobs from the list before uploading (and of most importantly, exit µTorrent and backup your resume.dat before you do any of this).

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