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Software to help organize and keep track of movies burned to DVD+R


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Can anybody suggest a good (Windows) software that can help organize and keep track of downloaded movies that have been burned to DVD+R? (Preferably open source, and/or freeware, in that order. You could also post shareware software if it's good.)

I usually burn my downloaded movie video files (mostly in H.264 .mp4 or Xvid .avi format) to DVD+Rs and I would like a program that could help me keep track of the movies that I have and in which DVD+R I burned them. The program preferably should have a search function and could show a list of entered movies in the database alphabetically.

Note: The program does not necessarily need to have a burning or 'fit-to-DVD' feature. I already use a program called Burn to the Brim to optimally organize and fit the video files to a DVD+R, and then use Imgburn to burn them to a DVD+R.

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