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Upload Drops with Huge Torrent! (pics included)


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[sOLVED] Moving to 1.8.2 and WINE 1.01 fixed this issue


I am currently downloading a 50GB torrent and seeding a few other small torrents. Now, it should be noted that my problems are NOT anything to do with availability/number of peers. I should be getting 10MB/s up and down on this torrent.

The torrent is new, I grabbed it as soon as it was released, and this tracker has many 100mbit peers and even gigabit users.

I am using a 100mbit connection. My server has good hardware. Running only utorrent, no firewall.


Intel Core2Duo 2.6GHz


2*500GB HDDs RAID-0

Ubuntu Server 9.04 + WINE + uTorrent

The problem:

As I download this torrent my download is limited to 7MB/s and my upload is going at 7MB/s. Everything is going fine. After an unspecified amount of time the upload will *DROP* to 5KB/s. **The dowload will REMAIN at 7MB/s** - The upload then takes 5-8 minutes to go back up to 7MB/s.

This is a problem. It shouldn't do this. It has nothing to do with peers or availability, as all torrents upload will drop at the same time.

Then after some time the upload will go back up to 7MB/s - It could even stay this high for 10 minutes or longer. but it WILL drop to a halt again.

[note I am only downloading 1 torrent, and seeding 10 other small torrents] My CPU is not even sweating over this. Barely 30% is ever used.

I really hope there is a fix for this? I'll show you my connection settings:




(I got these settings from a leading private tracker)


^disk stats when downloading 7MB/s uploading 7MB/s


^disk stats a few seconds after when download is at 7MB/s and upload dies to 50KB/s

Why is it doing this? And is there a fix/workaround/something to try?

I repeat: the download never even flinches away from 7MB/s. Upload dies after every few minutes.

edit: Upload dies even with no downloading =/

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Under Disk Cache DISABLE:

Reduce memory usage when the cache is not needed

Write out unfinished blocks

Turn off reading cache if the upload speed is slow

Remove old blocks from the cache

These were creating considerable extra disk reads/writes...which were causing the disk overloads in the first place!

If there's really "many 100mbit peers and even gigabit users" then it should be unneccesary to have 1000 peer+seed connections per torrent and 5000 global connections. Reduce those to 1/10th their current amounts.

Upload slots can probably be reduced further...especially since more upload slots should be used if <90% max.

Latest WINE dev version may help a bit too.

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