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Since upgrade to 1.8.4 and win 7 - up/down speeds not reporting correc


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On a 1500/256k line. I upgraded to Windows 7 and at the same time 1.8.4. Ever since I have no problems with download speeds however uploads are reporting incorrect figures.

For instance I can set the upload limit to unlimited while not downloading and checking active torrents will show 3 torrents seeding at a total of around 4k but utorrent in the status bar shows 10k down/11k up.

I am also having difficulty browsing while utorrent is running (not downloading and with upload limited to 10k).

Before 1.8.4 I would set the up to 15k and would seed at this rate and also would have no problems browsing the web.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.


Up limit: 15 kb/s

Upload slots 100

Connections(per torrent) 100

Connections(global) 1000

max active torrents 100

max active downloads 100

These were the same settings i used on 1.8.2 with no probs. Not sure if this is utorrent issue or win7. Firewall and router port forwarded correctly.

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Total Upload slots should only be about 1/3 as much as max upload speed.

So 5 upload slots...with 2 active torrents, that's 2 or 3 upload slots per torrent.

You may only be uploading parts of the torrent/s at around 4 KiloBYTES/second...but part of the reason why uTorrent reports total upload speed of 11 KiloBYTES/sec might be because you're allowing way too many active torrents and connections at once.

1st link in my signature, slow speed section.

2nd link in my signature to match your upload speed limit with other settings.

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Think of how it looks to others...

Also, if you usually only ran only a few torrents at once and/or "slow" torrents with few peers/seeds...then you might not trigger the problem.

Plus, newer uTorrent versions have additional features that use extra connections that might push stability over the edge...

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Thanks for the help. It is appreciated. I have also noticed that utorrent downloads quite a lot of data even when I am not downloading. For instance I have peak/off peak data allowances so during peak I set utorrent using the scheduler to seed only - today for example I went to work with nothing downloading only seeding and yet utorrent reports it downloaded 349mb during this 10hr period. Any idea what is going on here?

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If it's not downloading parts of the torrent, it's due to having too many connections, DHT, Local Peer Discovery, Resolve IPs, and to a lesser degree Peer Exchange.

I typically disable all but Peer Exchange...and while seeding only I've started reducing connections PER torrent to only 10.

I seldom have more than 20 connections total. (...Only have a few near-dead torrents started.)

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Noticed that my lan light on my router was regularly (every 10 secs or so) turning off and then activity would cease for a sec and then restart. Disabled IPv6 and now the router and utorrent seems to be working as before.

So the problem was not utorrent but win7 and ipv6. Thanks for the assistance, helped me understand the connection/slot settings in utorrent better.

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