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i M living in iNDiA & using RELIANCE BROADBAND as my internet connection.

iT is giving me speed around 300kbps, so my download & upload speed usually ranges from 30-40kbps.

But sometimes strange things happen, using utorrent only that:

i get sometimes download speeds upto 500kbps or 1mbps or 5mbps.

i do not know how is this happening.

i have attached a image about these speeds.


So based on this image could anybody pLs. answer my few questions:

1. As i m frequent user of user of uTORRENT CLIENT, there were only 2 labels on the down-side of the utorrent, i.e D: & T:.But as u can see it in the image there is also an L came in to picture.

So pls. could anybody tell me what is L ???

2. And how did the download speed reached 5MBPS ???

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There's a peer on the torrent that uTorrent considers to be local, found on a local network using a special type of broadcast. Different speed restrictions USUALLY come from those, and that's why you're seeing the massive speed. There's someone locally (network-wise) on the same torrent.

UDP MULTICAST, not midcast, is the special type of broadcast that is used to find local peers.

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