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Local peer discovery. How it works?


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Is it possible to read somewhere about local peer discovery?

I have found that this feature uses multicast However, I have a local network with many IGMP enabled routers. Multicast chats work normally on all network, but µTorrent local peer discovery is not. Any help or suggestions?

Thank you!

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All users in network segments with IGMP enabled routers can use Vypress chat (multicast group And I see this group on all routers...

But this program has an interesting settings: screenshot

Ok... May be now I know... why multicast group, is working fine on all network segments and is not...


6.2. The IPv4 Organization Local Scope -- is defined to be the IPv4 Organization Local Scope,

and is the space from which an organization should allocate sub-

ranges when defining scopes for private use.

Any suggestion?

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