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I need some help


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I know you probably get this .... allot, but my download speed sucks! I used to get somewhat good downloads all the time... I've tried tweaking it, and managed to get it up to 130-150kbs .... but the next thing I know, back down to 0.5-1.9..... it is really bad. I did a speed test and I get

EDIT HERE > an average of 2818 DOwnload and an Average of 3000 Upload.

~The increase is because I stuck a Wok around my internet piece ... <EDIT HERE

,and I have read a guide or too .. but I dunno, I am lost .... Anyone thing they can help me out, right now I get

17 (67) Seeds 12 (142) Peers 2.0 (And dropping) Download 0.1-1 Upload.


max upload rate 3

Max Download Rate 0

Global Max number of connections 750

Max number of connected peers per torrent 100

Number of upload spots 8


Max number of active torrents 9

Max number of active downloads 8

The two options under that are 0

Protocal Encryption enabled

ENable UPnP Disabled

Randomized Port off

and thats about it,

Also, I use a wireless internet piece, (Steal internet x_x) So I dunno if its a router or what xD.

Anyhelpwillbeappreciated, thanks :D

Edit Edit:


With nothing running, (Average out of 5)


With uTorrent, internet antivirus, firewall, etc running.

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Try using far more conservative settings (2nd link in my signature)...no higher than 1 megabit/sec upload settings, and to be fair to whose connection you're using...maybe only 512 kilobit/sec upload settings or lower!

Also try 1st link in my signature, slow speed section.

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