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Connection Terminated By Peer... sometimes


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I am a member of several trackers & download from my work computer in an office as well as my home computer(roadrunner high speed). The last month or so I've been encountering the same problem at work AND home!

Whenever I try to DL a torrent from demonoid(http://inferno.demonoid.com:3419/announce) the tracker section says "Connection Terminated By Peer"(& the square next to the torrent is RED), this is consistent @work & @home. The only difference is @home the DHT is "working" & I can sometimes DL from someone but @work the DHT just says "waiting for announce"

I am able to use trackers from dimeadozen.org, what.cd, pedro's, zombtracker, etc. @work & home & they work fine(square is green).

I just can't seem to figure out why demonoid torrents are not working for me, any ideas??

-I know this isn't really an issue with utorrent & more w/demonoid or my ISP(home)/firewall(work) but I was hoping someone could help me!



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