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overcoming slow d/l speed using Uni wireless internet?


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Hello everyone,

The first time i d/l using Utorrent using the wireless internet at Uni it was d/l really fast (max was 1mb/s)...however after d/l like 8gb worth of stuff it is becoming really SLOOOWWW now (2kb/s).

(however opening websites and d/l from websites 'directly' is still very fast...it's just when using Utorrent that d/l is slow)

All my settings are "default" just left it as it was when i first intalled Utorrent.

Could it be my 'current port' connection or somehow school block ppl from sharing somehow???

Can anyone give me some advice on overcoming this? (in non-technical computer language)


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hmmm..."throttled" does that mean 'block'?

anyway if they did throttle BitTorrent does that still permit me to d/l fast from websites...b/c i still can d/l fast if it is directly from web-site...

So how would i overcome this? are there any programs that can somehow hide/over ride this?

Also would uninstalling Utorrent and using another Torrent program to d/l work b/c it's like a new program right?

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