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Continuous "The data is invalid" errors on WinXP


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I have uTorrent 1.8.4 Build 16301 on WinXP Pro 16bit, and I have one active torrent that has started giving me this error for the last few days:

"The data is invalid"

It's a rather big torrent, 98,6GB total of which I need 53,5 GB (44,3 GB downloaded so far). There are no other torrents active, there's lots of space on my HD, checked HD for errors etc. When I get the error I re-check data, after it's checked I start it up and after a few minutes it gives the error again. What's more, it seems to roll back quite a lot as there's around 6GB left when it gives the error but it jumps to 7+GB after re-check and torrent restart...

During the last two torrent restarts I got the following lines in the logger:

[2009-09-04 18:50:30] IO Error:13 line:1817 align:-99 pos:427819008 count:360448 actual:-99

[2009-09-04 18:50:59] IO Error:13 line:1850 align:-99 pos:0 count:262144 actual:-99

any tips / ideas?

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kk true, forgot that, was using simple file sharing.

I unchecked inheritance of properties and applied full control for all users on this folder. I'll recheck and restart torrent and see how it goes


it still gives that error. Here's the log for the last 4 restarts

[2009-09-04 19:22:55] IO Error:13 line:1817 align:-99 pos:4281457823 count:926561 actual:-99

[2009-09-04 19:25:07] IO Error:13 line:1850 align:-99 pos:0 count:262144 actual:-99

[2009-09-04 19:57:30] IO Error:13 line:1817 align:-99 pos:5470552064 count:1949696 actual:-99

[2009-09-04 20:23:22] IO Error:13 line:1850 align:-99 pos:0 count:131072 actual:-99

I also turned Nod32 off in case it was messing up (although I have uTorrent + that torrent folder in exceptions) ...

Edit 2:

I did some more searching and a trick someone used seems to work for me too. I marked all the unwanted files from skip to normal, let it run for some minutes and returned them back to skip. It seems to be working fine for 30 mins now. If it gives up errors again I'll post here. Thanks

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It runs normally since yesterday, it seems that something got corrupted with downloaded data (?) and by turning the skipped files to normal and back to skipped again it works ok now. I made that change for 3-4 minutes only and then returned them to skip again and it did the trick.

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I'm so glad that I found this as i am having the same issue with a large torrent (102 GB) and all i want of it is 27GB have been trying to get this to work for the last week or so. am going to try setting everything to normal and then back to skip to see if it will work for me after this =)


well it works set all skipped torrents to normal wait several minutes and then set back to skip no problems sense last post thanks!!

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