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U torrent causing brower "can't connect" problems


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I switched from Vuze to utorrent yesterday and everything is uploading and downloading fine.

It's running on two machines via a router.

I now have problems when using Firefox however and often get

Unable to connect

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at forum.utorrent.com.

(frequently and with all sites)

Without utorrent running I have,

Date Download Speed Upload Speed

Today 09:38 2369 kbps (296kB/s) 450 kbps (56.3kB/s)

I have maximum upload set to 10 kB/s on each machine. (total 20)

Maximum download set to 100 kB/s on each machine. (200 total)

Maximum number of connections 50 on each machine. (100 total)

Looking at the above, I'm confused by the kbps and kB/s

Any help would be appreciated.



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"I never claimed to be nice".

After you posted, "FAQ and Search Use them" in response to my previous post, I spent 15 minutes going through the FAQ and found nothing even closely relevant to my question.

The answer was, "turn off initial seeding" which moogly suggested.

What is the point of simply pasting "FAQ and Search Use them"?

The question that I posted above is VERY specific and I'm hoping to get a very specific answer.

Do you have any ideas on what I should change?



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@Switeck #7

Thank for your reply.

Funnily enough I found your speed speed guide about an hour before coming back here.

This is the present situation.

My flatmate downloaded and installed utorrent too, so it's now on two pcs using a router.

I did 2 bandwidth speed tests earlier without utorrent or any other up or downloads taking place on either machine.

Today 09:44 2430 kbps (304kB/s) 442 kbps (55.3kB/s)

Today 09:37 1847 kbps (231kB/s) 490 kbps (61.3kB/s)

It's quite a bit slower than we normally get but it's probably better to assume lower figures rather than higher ones.

My flatmate was downloading a lot today and even when I had utorrent closed I could hardly surf the newspapers.

He has his download speed set to 0 and I wonder if that's the problem.

If you could give me some settings to put on both pcs I'd much appreciate it.

Nothing that either of download is ever very urgent ;-)

Many thanks,


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