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trojan generic [5-8-09]


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well today i dowloanded utorrent 1.8.4 and i make the instalation.

I have Kaspersky and every time that i open the utorrent, or even when i open a torrent with utorrent

the Kapersky says me that there is a trojan generic, and that this trojan generic can't move to quarantine.

The same thing hapens even when i make a regulation to utorrnet, like when i regulate the limit of the receipt(down spped/up speed) even then Kaspersky says me that these is a trojan generic.

Is all this something that kaspersky getting it wrong or there is really a problem to utorrent 1.8.4??

i know that my english are very very bad, and i am sorry for that. But please i need help here.

Thanks ^^

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