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Slow speed with apparently good torrent source


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I just started to download a torrent with usu. abt. 30+ seeds and 300+ peers in the swamp and I'm usu. connected to 3-6 seeds and 50+ peers. The availability is ~18.0 but I only get an average speed of 15kB/s

Having such a source will normally give me at least close to 100kB/s very often, if not over 100kB/s. But I haven't seen it even get near it. I've checked my settings and tried to use the conservative ones, but there's no change(my status is green at the bottom of the window).

I was downloading another file about 1/2 a week ago(from a different tracker) and the performance didn't seem so "affected". Can someone please explain a reason and suggest a solution around this? Thank you.

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The torrent upload is currently fluctuating around 20+kB/s which is near what I calculated my ideal upload speed to set at - 22kB/s. I got my median upload speed from testmy.net after 7 tests - which is 42kB/s, so I used my upload speed reference as 336kb/s.

Although the trackers are not too commonly/often seen like piratebay(mightynova, open bittorrent & publicbt), I guess they are not private because DHT,LPD and Peer Exchange are all working. But I do notice that occassionally one of the trackers will be offline(time out), but a while later it will be working again.

Since my speed reference was 336kb/s and was in the middle of 2 speeds, I assume I had to pick the lower of the two. So I set mine to 256kb/s. I left the max download speed to unlimited and other settings like global max. connections (130), max connected peers/torr. (70) and no. of upload slots (3) to their defaults for the torrent speed setting.

Other facts & settings:

net.max_halfopen: 8

peer.lazy_bitfield: true

OS & Antivirus: WinXP Home, Kaspersky 2009 Internet Security (Using the sample firewall .ini file frm utorrent website)

Modem/Router: Linksys WAG200G with DSL connection

ISP : Singnet.

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