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uTorrent doesn't work as it should?


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I have used uTorrent for many years, but recently it has started to misbehave. :P

First of all, I have set uTorrent to allow a maximum of 5 torrents, which has worked fine for the past year or so, (I have not changed any settings recently) but over the past few weeks it now adds more and more seeds over time until after a few hours everything is seeding and my internet speed is reduced to nothing.

Secondly, when I do stop all torrents from seeding, it sometimes (1 in 2 times) cuts off my internet connection as if the router were restarting, and after a minute or so comes back. This coupled with the above problem (as the way I resolve the too many seeds problem is to stop and restart all torrents) is starting to get annoying.

I am sorry if these questions have been asked before, I skimmed though the first few pages and found nothing, and have no idea what to search for. :$


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1. If several of those started torrents are inactive, then it's normal behavior, and has always happened. If you'd prefer that µTorrent keep strictly within the specified limits (rather than attempt to maximize use of available bandwidth), set queue.dont_count_slow_dl and queue.dont_count_slow_ul to false.

2. See the first link in my signature regarding interrupted connections. If nothing there helps, provide us with the information requested at the bottom of the thread.

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