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Need Help - Slow Download From Good Seeders And Port Problems


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Hello guys,

I've got some problems with uTorrent. Basically I've got ;

-very slow download speedscurrent download speed is 38.2 kB/s from two active torrents (15 inactive and 1 seeding)...The first torrent has 20(324) seeders and 6(314) peers, second has 17(223) seeders and 6(341) peers

- yellow status

- 0.40 Mb/s upload speed and 2.88Mb/s download speed

Setting I'm using;


Enable UPnP port mapping *checked

Randomize port each start *unchecked

Enable NAT-PMP port mapping *checked

Add windows firewall exception *checked


Maximum upload rate; 20 kB/s

Maximum download rate 0

Global maximum numbers of connections 130

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent 70

Number of uploaded slots per torrent 3

Use additional upload slots if upload speed <90% *checked


All boxes checked except limit local peer brandwith

Outgoing: Disabled


Maximum number of active torrents 4

Maximum number of active downloads 2

Ratio is <= 150% or seeding time is <=(min) 0

Rest of boxes unchecked

Advanced settings that I have changed

bt.connect_speed = *10

bt.transp_disposition = *5

net.max_halfopen = *4

My modem, router and laptop specifications

- using a SmartAX MT882 modem and a Edimax BR-6204WG wireless router

- current port is 59669, I port forwarded this port on my router ( I did everything it said on http://www.portforward.com/ but the uTorrent port checker shows that the port is closed, the same with the Port Forward Checker programme.

- using vista home premium

- Intel ® Core 2 Duo CPU T8300 @ 2.40 GHz

- Spend 30 Pounds on Norton 360 but deleted it because I heard it interfered with uTorrent so now I am using AVG Anti-Virus Free

Can somebody help me out here please? I'm really stuck over here, I looked online for some settings but they didn't work so I re-installed uTorrent and now my speeds are 30.2 kB/s.

Can you recommend me the right settings, instruct me on how to fix my port, any tips etc..

Thanks for having a look and I apologize if I seem stupid, I'm new to forums and stuff :D. All your replies will be much appreciated.

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Oh sorry, I had to Google what ISP was haha. Its TalkTalk and I'm from the U.K. I found a Azureus Wiki page that shows my ISP is hostile to uTorrent. So I guess I'm still stuck =/

Btw current download speed is still roughly the same. However the status bar shows a green sign, I think this has been going on for about some hours now.

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