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Timestamp for created on.


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Hey when I make a torrent file to share and it makes a time stamp on the file, will that be my local machine's time or will it just be handled by the tracker(what ever one I choose to use if I decided to use one).

Basically I want to show a new release for our video game's guild doing a dungeon right at midnight or at least when it was created ;p

Also what is a good setting for a torrent that is about 500mb for the size of the pieces?

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The timestamp is the date (day & hour) when you create the .torrent (so local time), not the time you upload the torrent onto the tracker.

This timestamp is completely useless, purely informative. And the tracker script can delete or modify the metadata (created on, created by, comment).

You can use this site to edit the .torrent and change the metadata: http://torrenteditor.com/

About piece size, 512 kB is good. Or use automatic detection.

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