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In a previous thread I talked about how im on my last strike with my ISP from downloading "illegal torrents".

But the one question that still isnt fully answered is can I still download PSP games from psp websites?

I am under the impression that I can download anything as long as it doesnt come from torrents. Due to the fact that I downloaded a PSP game before and was never notified of anything, but then maybe a month later downloaded a torrent file with the next day resulting in my Internet being shutdown and them telling us it was because of torrents.

Ive searched google several times and I cant find anything about people being busted for downloading anything from websites.

One of the things that I dont get is, can they literally block me if I download a rar file? How are they supposed to know if its what im really downloading? I just really want to fully understand how these bastards work so then I can find loopholes. but as for what ive been thinking... I decided I would go to public hot spots to download such content lol.

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Because copyright owners (or firms they employ like Mediasentry ou DigiProtect) track some torrents, especially music, movies and video games.

They catch your IP, alert your ISP that has an agreement to reveal the IP of pirates and relay warning letters to them (and threaten you to cut your internet connection or to ask money).

Anyway you imagine just a fraction of torrents is tracked. Downloading the last Batman on ThePirateBay is surely riskier than downloading the album of a local music band on a private tracker.

Torrenting implies to display your IP, that's why you're safer if you use filehosters like Rapidshare or Megaupload, nobody from outside can read your IP.

In addition some ISP (especially in USA, Canada and in some European countries) are sold out to the "ennemy" (content owners like MPAA, RIAA, IFPI etc) with vague and sometimes illegal agreement to report IP of people using BT.

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