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uTorrent does not close torrents gracefully when restarting Windows


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Why is uTorrent not able to close connections to trackers gracefully when being terminated by Windows?

Seeing as uTorrent will shut down in a fraction of a second when closed manually (even with tens of torrents active), why is it not considered worth the wait to clean up connections when being automatically closed by Windows? Because of this, I often need to wait tens of minutes after a reboot for my tracker to begin accepting "extra" connections. For many users uTorrent is, for all intents and purposes, a background application and it should be able to close itself properly at shutdown. Even instant messengers like Xfire or Live Messenger will log themselves out when asked to terminate.

I did my best to search if this problem had already been posted on the forum, but didn't find anything. I'm using Windows Vista.

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