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Help! I've not changed a thing but downloads have stopped


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I have been successfully using utorrent for months. But for no apparent reason I am unable to download files. I see the seeds but my progress stays at 0%. My op sys is xp sp3 and I've been using that same config during the time everything worked. My virus protection is Norton 2009 with the most recent scan engine and dat. I've read through the forum and found a few people that seemed to have my same problem but they had not received answers. This problem is happening on both my home machine and my work machine. Just to be on the safe side I've uninstalled 1.8.3 which was working and stopped and installed 1.8.4 which still didn't fix the problem.

Has one of the xp critical updates that I routinely install messed me up at home and work? I read a little about port forwarding and checking, and did the test for a forwarded port that's in 1.8.4. It tested OK. I'd thought I'd better stop and get advice before I really messed up.



Update on my post...I went to portforward.com "like you told me to". Like I said utorrent had said my port was forwarded but portforward's app told me it was not. I followed their instructions for my router and whola!! I'm up and running. I have no idea what caused the port to change from working to not working. But, I'm up again...at least at home. I'll try this fix tuesday at work.

Sorry for the post, I know newbies like me must give you guys fits


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