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DownLoad & Seed Problem with uTorrent 1.8.3 and higher


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I have problem when used uTorrent 1.8.3 All Builds

When update Program i observe what new added torrents long not starting and looking seeder, but peers was enough

I waiting long time about 30-50 min, but download not start or was one active peer.

Files downloaded very long time. I pester this and i return older version 1.8.2 (Build 15357)

All problems disappear.

And seed files was bad: less active uploads, low upload speed.

i hope problems not present in new version 1.8.4, but when i installed it all problems remain.

basic Problems:

1. less active Peers (Download\Upload)

2. Do not start downloaded torrent very long time

3. low speed (Download\Upload)

My Settings most standart and do not change long time.

My OS Windows Vista with SP2

How solve this problems?

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