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More then one account on PC


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Hello, i have more then one account on my PC.

Let's say they are x,y,z

And when i switch to another account torrents which where in the Torrent client list are not in y's torrent client list.

Well, don't know how to explain in normal language :( My English is not very good :S

So i want torrents download/seeds to be awaylable for all users. Like if i downloaded Prototype for in user x then when i switch user to y the torrent will be in the list as well.

Is that possible to do?

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Settings and torrent lists are stored in %appdata%\utorrent, which is unique to each user. Start > Run > %appdata%\utorrent

If you copy that data to the same folder µTorrent is in then it will apply to everybody, if you use fast user switching though it may cause issues.

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