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utorrent 1.7.4 & win7 x64 rc7100


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Hi all!

I am having trouble with BSOD when trying to limit download speed in utorrent. Limiting upload works, also everything else works fine, just this download limiting not working with system crash.

I was using this ver of utorrent on xp and vista, and never had such problem.

I don`t use firewalls exept built-in windows firewall, I am using Avira as antivirus.

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Sorry, I was using 1.7.4 for a long time, but yesterday tried 1.8.4, and it works correctly now.


well, few days testing utorrent 1.8.4 on win7 x64, I realised that it doesn`t go to BSOD like 1.7.4, but it disconnects my internet connection when I cap download speed. I reset modem and it works for a while and then disconnects again. When I change d/l speed to 0 (no cap), it runs normally. I am connected to the internet via ADSL modem SmartAX MT882, connected on LAN port... If anybody has an idea, what is happening, help please.

Tnx in advance...

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