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v1.8.4 and net.calc_overhead and ...


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I think I'm observing an unintended interaction between net.calc_overhead

and "Use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90%"

set net.calc_overhead true

check 'use additional...'

set upload limit to some value

start a "fast" download

As download speed increases, the delta between the specified upload limit and the upload *data* rate increases. I.E. since the amount of overhead increases with higher download speed, the upload *data* rate decreases. (Observe the 'U:' box on status bar.)

Observing the peer tab for the download, uT starts adding upload slots when the delta between the upload limit and the upload data rate (ie the amount of overhead) exceeds 10% of the limit.

fix?: use 'data+overhead' < 90% of limit to trigger adding upload slots

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