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Windows 7 Tray Icon vs Taskbar Icon


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Micro$oft have made the UI even more OSX like with Windows 7, and consequently active programs no longer have to take up a massive chunk of the taskbar, which is pretty cool IMO. Instead (in the default settings anyway), the whole taskbar is more like a giant quick-launch panel, and the active programs have their icons slightly illuminated. If you are using Aero, when you hover your mouse over the icons you get a preview of the window, which is also pretty cool IMO.

For me, this kind of makes it pointless having programs in the system tray. What I would really like is to have utorrent minimize and close to the taskbar (rather than they system tray), and have the Aero preview window give a more visual picture of the torrent status, including download + upload speeds like it does in the system tray tooltip.

I don't know what the limitations are in the Aero framework, but I've seen in the "gmail notifier plus" from over at neowin, they have customized the preview window to show a really slick preview, and it even has some controls added into it to switch between different message previews, or open the message in your browser.

It would be awesome if the next version of utorrent had a more windows 7 friendly interface, which provides the option to work with the taskbar instead of the system tray. Windows 7 will be coming out soon, and I'm sure lots of people like myself would like to see better integration.

My apologies to the moderators if this should rightfully be in a different section, but I think my post is more interface related than a feature request as such.

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