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Problem creating and uploading a torrent.


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I am hoping someone could help me with my problem or perhaps point me in the right direction.

I am fairly new at this but I have managed to upload some 50 torrents, however recently I am having an impossible time getting them up and seeding. This is the second time this anomaly has occurred and the problem went away as mysteriously as it appeared the first time.

When creating and uploading a torrent everything seems fine till peers start connecting and the upload speed fluctuates wildly between 10 and 150 kB/s, and appears to limit the upload to two peers at a time.

My download/upload speeds are great for someone else's torrent, and I have followed the settings provided here for speed test and port forwarding.

So far I have tried a fresh install of utorrent, a fresh re-format of computer, a new router, another computer, tested to see if ISP is manipulating torrent traffic, and finally contacted my ISP.

Thanks in advance because any help would be appreciated.

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