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Hello, I seem to have an isp address in my peer list I've never seen!


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I must state categorically I am not asking questions about torrents but I am intriqued by a "mysterious" peer address I've never seen before.

I've discovered Radioarchive.cc and it is a joy! For radio play and audiobook fans such as myself it's excellent.

However, this address: static.unknown.charter.com is showing up up on all the peer lists.

Has anyone seen this before and can you please explain who or what it's source is?

I've checked "finger", "whois"; couldn't traceroute and ping reports it was pingable, no information...

I then looked for it on Broadbandreports.com, which discussed some people having problem with throttling.

I then went to another website that (Max Planck Inst.) runs fairly thorough packet tests to check throttling. It reported there was no issue with my connection....

Does anyone have information on this addy? I'm really curious...


Shakespeare Rules!

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Hello and thank you gentleman!

Yes, ever since I starting using UTorrent I've read and re-read the FAQS and directives.

My UTorrent settings are are excellent because of them!

The wonky peer i.p of "static.unknown.charter.com" really bugs me, that's all. I thought it might be a Charter monitor or some such thing...


Shakespeare rules!

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