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creating a private seedbox


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i need help, i have never done this type of stuff, buying a server and then installing the utorrent.

im looking at buying a server, i have found one, and in the forums here it says you can install utorrent on linux so thats ok.

but how much will this amount of specs of the server run in torrents. i havent got any clue.

Intel Atom mono

1.60 Ghz

L2: 512KB, FSB: 533MHz

Architecture 32 - 64 bits

RAM 512 Mb DDR 2

running ubantu

thanks if you can help me out.

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As I said, these specs you gave are useless to know how to set the bandwidth in uT (max. UL rate, max. of connections, number of UL slots)

The ONLY specs to know is the max UL speed of your server and if the hard disk is mutualized.

Some providers have strict rules about exceeding the UL speed (like a cap to 95% e.g.) and DL quota.

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sb4100 you're in luck.

I have compiled a small script that will setup a basic seedbox in ubuntu some manual stuff still needs to be done but I'll will be more than happy to help.

I use an ovh kimsufi ( http://www.kimsufi.co.uk/ ) dedicated running ubuntu desktop the cheapest one they offer £19.99pm and speeds are top notch. Been running this for the past 8 months so I've ended up learning quite a lot on how ubuntu works.

Not everyone can rent from ovh it depends on your location.

My script will setup wine, webmin, samba, you will also need to secure the server.

Webmin is an needed administration tool for the server http://www.webmin.com/

Samba is ubuntu's version of Windows File Sharing. I have my box set up so my utorrent download folder is mapped to a drive letter on my laptop which acts just like any other drive/folder. So no more fluffing about with ftp I can drag and drop for upload and download plus I can watch avi's in media player without the need to download them and it's all locked down to my ip address for security.

My Box:


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