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Download speed problem with Linksys WAG160N


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BitTorrent 1.8.3

Max download: 2,000KB/s

Max connections: 200

Max peers per torrent: 60

Upload slots: 6

Max active torrents: 77

Max downloads: 6

No previous problems with uTorrent, but I've just switched to a Linksys WAG160N router and my download speeds have plummeted. The uTorrent settings have not been changed.

With a download that has 13,000 seeds and 12,000 peers, I'm getting a download speed of 0.1Kb/s — the upload speed is 100Kb/s (right up to the limit I have set).

The port is forwarded on the router and uTorrent seems happy with the settings (network is green, the settings are for a 1Mbit/s upload — I have an 8Mbit line).

I'm baffled - anyone got any ideas?

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You mean 8 megabit/sec line only for download speed?

If so, your download limit is MUCH too high!

Wireless connections (even wireless LANs) are typically much slower and more unstable than wired 100 megabit/sec Ethernet. This means uTorrent's special settings should probably be reduced/disabled, as described in the slow speed section of 1st link in my signature.

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Although this is a wireless router, the uTorrent PC is connected via Ethernet. Here are the DSL speeds from the router:

Downstream Rate: 8188 Kbps

Upstream Rate: 1282 Kbps

These uTorrent settings worked like a dream with my old NetGear router — the change has happened with the switch to the Linksys.

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