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problem with utorrent and btguard


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new to the boards, and couldnt find a specific answer to my question anywhere. great forum, though!

currently, im able to download, but im uploading very slowly, when i can upload at all. ive got the amber triangle on the bottom, which says im without incoming connections. when i test the connection, it gives the number of the port set for me, but says that port is not open.

so my questions are, what port should i have open?, and if i change the port, will it negate my btguard in any way?

ive also got norton firewall but i dont think thats a problem, as ive got it set to allow connections with utorrent. could it be my router?

im a bit of a newbie at this so please go easy on me.


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Unless they forward the ports on their end (dunno if that's possible with that service), you wont be able to get incoming connections. I'd uninstall norton because it's simply terrible ( http://service1.symantec.com/Support/tsgeninfo.nsf/docid/2005033108162039 ), but if you don't want to then remove all the rules you have for uT and make brand new ones. You may also have to do this after updating uT to a newer version. As for ports, use the random button or stick to 10,000 and up.

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