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Utorrent 2.0 Beta build 16407 (strange behaviour of toolbar.bmp)


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Hello, today i downloaded the newest version of Utorrent 2.0 Beta build 16407,but i found out that there is a bug in it.When i opened utorrent i saw that "toolbar.bmp's icons" are shown incorrectly,i thought i use an old version of this "skin" and i downloaded a few more "toolbars.bmp" and every toolbar i tried was showing me icons incorectly.On this screenshot you can see that when non of a torrent is selected(pressed left click on a torrent in list) , the toolbar.bmp's icons are circled by grey squares,but when i select a torrent from the list, the icons changes to normal. In stable 1.8.4 version of utorrent all goes normal, but here is a problem


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