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Red Circle follwed all of portforward.coms directions


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I am using windows 7. windows firewall is set up. I followed the port forwarding directions on portforward.com to set up a static ip(192.168 addie) on my computer and to have my router fwd the port i selected to that static ip. I also went into my embarq dsl modem and setup port forwarding to fwd the port to my router. When i run utorrent's speed test, the web page comes up with my external ip (67.254 number) and tells me the port is not open and while using utorrent i have a Reed circle with and exclamation point sayting i am not connectible at the bottom.

My downloads seem to be going ok i guess and i am uploading the same file to others.., but i am wondering if there is something i should do to fix this.


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Did you choose a static IPa outside the routers DHCP range?

static on network adapter is set to .1.165 dhcp range on linksys is router is 100-149

Did you forward the Embarq to the routers external or internal IP address?

embarq modem eq-660r is set to fwd port to .2.2 (That is what is listed when i look at linksys STATUS page.

Is the routers external address changing?

Not sure how i check to see if it is changing?

stil when running the test from inside utorrent it gives me my external ip address 67.254.xxx.xx and says they port is not open...

when i use PFportchecker program, it tells me the TCP is not open but the UDP is open for the port i have specified... utorrent is telling me it is not open though.

Noticed one thing... utorrent is showing yellow light(triangle) instead of red(circle) one....

Thanks for the help, look forward to your response.

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Make sure UPnP is disabled since you're forwarding manually, things can get hinky..

If you can bridge the modem that'd be the most elegant solution. Or if you only have the one computer you could set the DMZ on the Linksys so that if the modem forwards it, the Linksys will give it to you automatically.

Yet another solution would be to try connecting the modem to the Linksys on the LAN side and restart the Linksys. Quite a few routers will automatically switch themselves to work as a bridge (Belkins not included afaik..). The only thing is you wont be able to make settings changes to the Linksys unless you break the loop, and you loose a LAN port, but the computer will behave as though it's being directly connected to the modem.

Other then that, check all the settings and try again. Does the modem have a status page? Does it list your external IP for it? What are the first two parts (ex. 208.67)? What model/version linksys?

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hallelujah, it was the upnp, i now have a green light. and the speed test on utorrent says i am open....

the speed still does not seem to be very high with this particular torrent... there are over 2000 seeders ..download is around 62 while upload is at 49... in preferences i have the upload set to 47 as recommended for my upload speed by isp and download set to unlimited, yet whenever i start a new torrent, i have to right click on the torrent and go into bandwidth allocation and change the upload limit because it is always down around 25 or so.... on this torrrent, i changed it back to 47 but my download is still sluggish.

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If you're setting individual torrents upload speed max, then if they're not reaching their max the global max may not be reached either.

im sorry, i dont understand...

on utorrent preferences i have the upload set to 47, which is what i should have it set to for my upload speed.... but when i add a torrent to download it always comes up as 25 or so max upload, i have to right click on the torrent and change it....even when i do change it back to 47, i am not getting fast speeds..but the light is green so i guess it is is as good as it is going to get.... the openoffice torrent came in at screaming download speeds...

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This makes no sense to me...

"but when i add a torrent to download it always comes up as 25 or so max upload, i have to right click on the torrent and change it"

I don't know if the 25 is the current highest reached upload speed, despite uTorrent's upload speed limit being set at 47 KiloBYTES/sec...or something else.

Right-clicking on the torrent would mean changing ONLY that torrent's settings, not the global settings.

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