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Read this first - Falcon introduction


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I'm having some trouble registering for Falcon. Every time I try, I get "A Falcon user with that username already exists".


I've tried a couple usernames (sebastian32, SilenceSolitude, seb3255), and it just keeps giving me the same error. I've also tried different computer names, same thing. Any ideas?

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Okay, so you are able to get to raptor and get the expected certificate warning. That warning should not cause any problem for uTorrent, so it's not the cause of your issue. I'm looking into it further with one of the client engineers right now.

Can you translate the Russian after "Proxy connect error:"?

Have you set a proxy server in the Preferences > Connection > Proxy Server uTorrent pref panel?

Do you know if your web browser routes requests through a proxy because of your ISP or school, etc?

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No i have not any proxy's or NAT, my ISP is AKADO and i try use different DNS servers.....

Thanks i fix my problem

I use GreadyTorrent (because i have download 50 000 / upload 2 000)

and when i am disable him, everything work normal

Pls add to the post that FALCON dont work with GreadyTorrent or plz fix it :)


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I was getting same message as emc originally ,but noticed this has been fixed since that post

"status": "\/status\/ok",

"message": "The email address has been saved",

"code": "\/talon\/collector\/ok",

"response": {}


But never received a confirmation email via admin or automation?

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New Falcon release! A new client is required to work with the new server we just pushed. Security has been improved (no passwords are transmitted ever) and it now works with IE6 and 8. It currently fails on IE7, but that will be fixed.

Entropy generation can now use your mouse. Flash is required for entropy generation, but you do not need a recent version. This also makes it muchm much faster.

Please download the latest client and test it! http://download.utorrent.com/falcon/utorrent-falcon-latest.exe

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