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uTorrent not downloading torrents


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Hi...I'm fairly new to uTorrent, and I'm not that tech-saavy. I originally used Vuze but got sick of all the flashy crap that came along with it.

I know uTorrent takes a more hands-on approach to torrenting, and that's where I'm kinda stuck.

I just installed the client and went through the setup process to optimize the it but torrents won't download. I have two sitting in the queue but both are "red" and are not downloading at all. I have a feeling its the port but I can't be sure.

If it makes any difference I'm connected to a large network (I'm in college right now, so lots of kids, lots of computers). I tried researching the issue but I'm just not sure what to do.

So yes...I am a newbie...any help would be greatly appreciated!


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