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high overhead


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hi, just curious what sort of overhead you guys get when you're not downloading anything and only seeding? I have about 40 inactive (seeding only) torrents (of which only 2 are actively seeding), but even when i'm not actively downloading it says my download rate is 7kB/s – isn't this a bit too much for just overhead?

tried searching and reading the FAQ but it seems the general overhead shouldn't be more than about 1kB/s? (which is what i've only ever remembered getting, until i just noticed this today)

I should mention that peer exchange/dht options are all disabled, global connections are 100 and connected peers/torrent are 30. Also, none of the individual seeding only torrents have a "download speed" of any more that 0.6kB/s, and even when I add all of the 0.1s together (it's only about 3/40 of the torrents that show any active overhead download) it still doesn't sum up to around that 7-8kB/s

running version 1.8.4 on windows 7 64bit professional

edit: how's this for something strange even when i stop all the torrents utorrent is still reporting a download speed of 4.1kB/s, and 2.0kB/s upload

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