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Why YouTube "uTorrent Speedup" settings are BAD!


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1850 connections? 23xx per torrent, 65 max upload? 4 at the upload rate which is even grayed out..!? WTF? i'm sorry for watching it, this is so wrong, it implies a complete missunderstanding of it! people have to understand atleast a bit about they're clients in order to set it right..

it's anywhere and in computers u see it very clearly, people just looking for the fast&"easy" "patch", making things only more difficult for themselfs and others..

1.1M views..omg.

at the advanced tab, after checking most of the options, there were only about 6 things to do,

and most of them,were just preferences,

except from the net_max_halfopen, and patching the tcpip.sys,

it seems there is nothing too major for the speeds adjust..

it seems very important for people to understand, that upload speeds aren't less important then download speeds, at least it seems so, and for the health of the connection, they probably should be the same.. thats a thought..

and speeds, -above from that- , seems much more related to the upload rate of the seeders&peers,

u can adjust u'r client forever, and get about the same amount..

maybe there should be added some warning, or a notification out there or even at the Utorrent GUI, when installing, it just might save a lot of confusion..:)..

or otherwise lose it, and just keep on with the discussion.

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Notice again (on rewatching it, if need be) that global connections max is LESS than max connection per torrent...and (in Queueing) max active torrents was lower than max downloading torrents. To fail at such simple concepts is PROOF the poster of the video is either clueless or trying to intentionally screw people over with bad settings.

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Notice again (on rewatching it, if need be) that global connections max is LESS than max connection per torrent

it seems, less important actualy, as he pointed out that the port should be ..43xxx or something, which is realy irrelevant which port one uses and it is more connected to the ISP throteling which might be different for every one,

not just that,

the max upload limit to 65??

if anyone has some 2.5M/500Kbps connection, he'll get totaly choked!

anyway, above that, any torrent in the world, won't use 2000+ connections and there is realy no need for more than ~50 peers per torrent&again, depending on the connection speed!

maximum active torrents is 60?

it realy much more connected to each one preferences and limitations of the connection,

this can go on, it's even before viewing the advanced tab..

this is nuts!

when Torrent reaches limit goal, limit it to 4?

it's 4 by default anyway, and it's even grayed out!!

look, this guy, realy knows nothing about Utorrent and it realy makes one worry for people who actually listen to this crap!

that's why it has been sayed,

maybe u guys, should add a link on the install page for people, so when they install Utorrent, they would be able to configure it right.

this will probably save us all especially those who aren't using private trackers,

a lot of difficulties.

it's like when the PS3 joined the market and people have started to use it on Folding@home, the graph has jumped terificaly!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Folding@home#Participation :lol:

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My point was he failed(tm!) on the simple things that even average users who give it some thought should KNOW is wrong.

It's possible to block some of the clients in uTorrent that use the listening port suggested by that YouTube video. uTorrent has the ability to block clients on certain ports in advanced settings -- it is even enabled by default for ports 0,25,115. If those clients are incoming connections though, and with their settings they likely WILL be...they may still get in because they won't be using the listening port! I don't recall if that video also changes the OUTGOING port to use...but we can catch it that way too! :cool:

uTorrent already runs Speed Guide (CTRL+G) on first run...or it used to!

Even my alternate speed guide (2nd link in my signature) is a BAD choice to use as an overall uTorrent settings chart if you're having problems. That's what the 1st link in my signature is for.

My chart makes NO mention of advanced settings, doesn't concern itself with Scheduler, doesn't give suggestions for alternate upload limit/speed while not downloading (seeding only), and doesn't tell when/if/how to use Encryption to "fight" ISP-based BitTorrent throttling.

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it seems we speek generaly about the same things but in a slightly different way..:)

It's possible to block some of the clients in uTorrent that use the listening port suggested by that YouTube video.

there is not actualy a need, to block these clients, actually, in the Bittorrent protocol, as much clients as there are, it's better for the comunity& blocking them would just create another chaos..

they'll have to set they're client again, ask many questions.. create a whole mess..

u'r talking about tens of thousands of clients (or even more..)

the meaning, was,

most of the people, will prefer an easier client to download from, such as a TCP from the main file servers, such as Rapidshare,Megaupload etc.

the torrent clients generally, request for some knowledge which begginers - simply do not have..

thats why it was suggested that there should be some guide at the install page, some refering link,

bittorrent clients request for a specific adjust for each instance of it, depending on the connection type, on the OS, and even on the ISP,

the CTRL+G "guide", simply doesn't do it..

and not everyone who download Utorrent is aware that there is a site for it..

people generally come to this program and don't have any clue at what all these numbers mean, these ports are, the advance tab (which at first, looks like reading an encyclopedia)..

it is only a suggestion,

which might be VERY very usefull..:).

maybe atleast a link to the site, suggeting it, as the place to find u'r settings..

maybe between the "tools" icon to the "search" bar, that will be there for the first week or so, and could be removed from the GUI from the UI setting in the preferences tab..


p.s - did u mean bt.no_connect_to_services?

it's 25 - SMTP,110 - POP3,6666 - IRC,6667 - IRC default..

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Yes I meant bt.no_connect_to_services :P

You block the incoming port of that YouTube settings video...or at least their fixed OUTGOING port...and you won't be causing a lot of accidental damage. And you won't be feeding the bad behavior either! They change their settings, they won't be getting blocked.

note: I am not talking about blocking by ip using ipfilter.dat

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You block the incoming port of that YouTube settings video...or at least their fixed OUTGOING port

don't do that..

you mean blocking the 43... port mentioned on the outgoing through their clients..?!

don't do it..

anyway, you'r first post seems to be quite interesting..

u say that limiting the max connected peers might actually use the protocol better, due to less UDP traffic?

that actually, the protocol will be more flawless, from the aspect of the infrastructure&software usage ?

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NOBODY would be using outgoing port mentioned in the YouTube video by default...those would almost have to be self-inflicted stupidity settings. Blocking is just a suggestion, I haven't done it myself.

No, due to less TCP SYN-ACK packets, less HAVE messages, and less repeated BitTorrent Protocol messages being repeated by potentially every peer you're connected to. All this is TCP unless it's using uTP and/or Teredo/IPv6 connections (then they're UDP). Just staying connected to lots of peers eats bandwidth and routers have to track all the connection links.

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yeah, exactly,

if u take millions of users , misadjusting they're clients right, and u implement an algorithm that will adjust the connection dynamicly,

u'll save A LOT of wasted resources, such as trackers transitions, execed protocol and router activity and some bandwidth.

in order to get the best adjustment, it should be probably, somehow automatically implemented,

as part of the software handeling of the protocol..

something like, a user, will insert some varaibles, and an algorithm will calculate them and implement 'em as dynamicly controling the UDP/TCP flow, or otherwise, it could be implemented automaticaly, as testing bandwidth by the software, and then calculate the best movement, by statistics,no. of downloads etc.

simply, because many users, are not too familiar with the "right" setting for they're connection and so, the program will solve it for them..

it seems very much possible, and would probably save a lot of misused resources..:)

NOBODY would be using outgoing port mentioned in the YouTube video by default...those would almost have to be self-inflicted stupidity settings.

he have set the Outgoing port to 50.. it's a "Remote Mail Checking Protocol"..:lol:,

it's an UDP port..

.. what exactly happens if one uses an UDP port for a TCP connection ?!?

p.s - sorry,:) there was lot's of confusion here regarding the Outgoing&Incoming ports..;)

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Did anyone watch the new one and take that into account or did you all stick with the video that was linked here and not the one linked in the video? From my understandings the new video that the youtube user made is set with settings that are much more ideal then for the video made 2 years ago for a different version and not 1.8.2 +

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ismahill said, "if uTP is handeling all that, then why did u at all start this thread?"

uTorrent's uTP (UDP based) connections normally activates uTorrent's UDP/TCP upload/download rate controller. However, that rate controller does NOT adjust by disconnecting/limiting max connected peers/seeds nor does it compensate well at this time if there's only 1 unreliable uTP connection. The rate controller also is only very loosely linked with how many upload slots uTorrent uses, and may even work at cross purposes. The rate limiter may lower speeds due to temporary lag, the automatic upload slot max calculator then lowers upload slots...possibly so low that the rate limiter perceives the remaining peers being uploaded to as "strained" lag-wise (pingtimes going up), so the rate limiter might cut upload speed further. Generally, such a cycle would be short-lived...but when upload slots are set to 1 and/or additional upload slots are allowed if upload speed <90% max, then this vicious cycle can repeat often.

"Did anyone watch the new one"

I've seen Max Upman's follow-up YouTube uTorrent speedup video. It was *NOT* ideal in really any way. Very little changed in his settings. It's like he learned almost nothing in ~2 years time. Same fixed upload speed, stupid max connection, queue, upload slots, and half open connection limits. There was still very few explanations for the settings choices.

I've watched around 30 YouTube uTorrent speedup videos, new and old.

I'd be generous to say 3 were even halfway decent. :P

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