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port forwarding issue


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I just installed a new modem for wireless connection its a verizon gt704wg.

I followed the instructions at a port forwarding site.

I used "application" section "Rule Management" "user" named the rule and gave it these parameters:

Protocol Port Start Port End Port Map

UDP 69 69 69

UDP 5060 5060 5060

UDP 16384 16392 16384

I'm getting a connection in utor, however its showing the yellow poor configuration warning.

I also downloaded "PFPortChecker" tool which states that the port is open. However when i click on the utor port forward checker it says

"An error has occurred!

Port 16385 does not appear to be open."

My firewall and pg2 are disabled while trying to figure this out

Has anyone got some suggestions please.

thanks in advance

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