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Is uTorrent prone to gradual corruption? What's the fix?


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I've been using UTorrent (v1.8.3) very successfully for over two months. Occasionally a download that seemed to pass muster at first, and may even have uploaded multple times to peers, would get the white-X-in red and cease to upload, but it didn't happen often.

But this September it has happened more and more frequently. Yesterday a torrent download that had uploaded from my exterior hard drive multiple times got the "X." When I checked the completed download file, the file for this application was totally empty! What process could have deleted everything that must have been in the file? I'm afraid to keep using uTorrent under these circumstances; I could lose a lot of arduously downloaded files.

But this strange state of affairs has run parallel with another problem. Lately, the uTorrent program started to refuse to load. I could hit the shortcut and nothing would happen, except that if I repeated it, I'd get a Windows error message that uTorrent seemed to be running but that it is not responding. For a few days I got around this by giving up on shortcuts and instead clicking on the maid program icon on my program file. But now it won't load even that way.

I fear that something is corrupt in my copy and that when I run it (which I can't seem to just now), the uploading process, or something, is damaging my good previously downloaded files. I am starting to think that I should uninstall my copy of uTorrent. If I did, should I go to some other client program or take the chance and try uTorrent again?

Even if I went back to uTorrent, is there anyway to bring on line my previously downloaded torrents again, so that the world can share in them, without the lengthy and time-consuming process of uploading a reseed one at a time? I'm not selfish, but I don't have a lot of time to give to this.

So, does anyone have an idea what's gone wrong with my uTorrent installation and what is the best fix for it?

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